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For our farm, and your farm, we are breeding for low maintenance, high performing dairy goats.  We want more time enjoying our goats and less time worrying about worming and health issues.  The only way to accomplish this is to seek out the best genes/traits in our does and build on them.  Yes, this does take time - but we are all happier as a result - so it is time well spent. 


We have found that the Record Grade Breeds are some of our best.  They combine the best of the body structure of the Nubian with the milking strength of the La Macha and are more disease resistant.


We breed for structurally correct, long and tall goats with a great mammary system.  We want goats that not only show and milk well, but are healthy and happy - and will Rock the Farm! 


Our on-going goals are for Best in Show & Best Udder! 


We want our goats to SHINE!

It all started with goats on THE ROOF


We are a family run farm and the goats are a mother-daughter effort.  Callie enjoys more of the business and marketing side and I really enjoy making our products and caring for the goats, and that is what makes us the perfect duo.  


We've been raising goats since 2002, when my husband, Eric, who was on the local police force, received a call that a lady had "goats on her roof and couldn't get them down."  The half-wild goats were pygmies and they were jumping from a tree onto her roof then jumping down and doing it all over again.  The lady was afraid her roof would fall in.  No one knew what to do them once we caught them, so course, I took them home to raise them - and this began our being hooked on goats.  Talk about animals with personality and attitude!   


We began showing our goats in 2004 at the local county Fair.  And with most things, when you start them, you have to learn as you go.  We had to learn the rules of showing, and once we learned, we started winning - and people began asking Callie to show their goats.  We had our very first dairy goat given to us at a goat show by Anne Marie, and we fell in love with dairy goats!  We've been raising them ever since.



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