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We like to have fun, but we are serious about the health and happiness of our goats.  We test for CAE and CL.  We will not buy from anyone who does not test or allow ANY goats on our property that have not been tested.  We also test for TB as this is often required at Goat Shows.  We never buy goats from the local market.

Breed for the Best


We breed for structurally correct, long and tall goats with a great mammary system.  We want goats that not only show and milk well, but are healthy and happy - and will Rock the Farm! 


Our goals are for Best in Show & Best Udder!


For our farm, and your farm, we are breeding for low maintenance, high performing dairy goats.  We want more time enjoying our goats and less time worrying about worming and health issues.  The only way to accomplish this is to seek out the best genes/traits in our does and build on them. 


We have found that the Record Grade Breeds are some of our best.  They combine the best of the body structure of the Nubian with the milking strength of the La Macha and are more disease resistant.



New River Valley Fair 2015. We Did Fantastic!


Elsa Mars won Showmansip.


Callie won the Herdsman Award.

Raising Winners


We have fun and we win!  We have a table full of ribbons and plaques that colorfully demonstrate the fun we've been having with, and the recognition we've received for, our breeding and maintence programs.


Callie gets a special shout-out for her repeated wins of the Youth Herdman's Award - Goat Division.  It is the top award and difficult to win. 



Big Mac won Reserve Champion in the Alpine class.


Jingy won Reserve Champion in the Recorded Grade class.


15 first place.

12 second place.

8 third place.

2 fourth place.

2 fifth place.


Yeah - We Won ALL THAT!

Our Recorded Grades does and doelings won big at the New River Valley Fair this year.


Presenting our winning goats:


Joey won Best of Breed and Grand Champion in the Kids division.


Clamato won Reserve Champion.


Vendetta won Grand Champion.


Emily won Reserve Champion.



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