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Often, we will have goats for sale.  And it is like selling a piece of our hearts as we give these goats names that we feel reflect their personality and (often) we'll give them their own theme songs.


Upon breeding season, we ask a $50 deposit and a written request of first and second choices.  The balance is due within 10 days of notification of birth.  We request a cashiers check or money order only.


Kids may be picked up as soon after birth as possible and no later than three weeks of age.  Bottle fed babies will love you forever.


Can we ship goats?   Yes, we can!  We can fly goats out of our largest regional airport - Roanoke.  We will have to discuss and agree upon the cost of travel to the airport, health papers and any additional expenses.  The crate and the all freight charges are the responsisblity of the buyer.


We are agreeable to the advenure of shipping our goats outside of the U.S.  We'll have to examine the freight costs and paperwork requirements to ensure we comply with federal and foreign import and export regulations.


We reserve the right to retain any buck or doe kid born for herd replacement or consignment sales.

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